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I can’t help but chuckle when I see people saying that because Klaroline isn’t onscreen that it’s ‘dead’.  If that were true, why are there still so many fans? So many new stories?  Trends?  And the cast pale when we are brought up?  Dead my ass, we are eternal

“We’re guessing there aren’t too many fans torn up about JoMo’s perspective on Klaus’ feelings (or lack thereof) for Genevieve, especially given that so many are still holding out hope for an eventual romance between The Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Forbes and Klaus.”

Kayti Burt

(she and Crystal are the voices of the fandom in the media and I love their constant, subtle KC mentions)


My edit - Caroline Forbes + Disney (X)


tv show meme → favorite ships [2/4]

klaus + caroline (tvd)

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make me choose
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Klaroline sex or Klayley sex

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Someone who believes a ship can fill the void left by a broken heart.

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OMG help there is an actual tag called daddy Klaus and princess Mikaelson. I think I might be sick.


Team Arrow 2.19 The Man Under the Hood